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Boxy Woodworking is a one man operation. I started woodworking as a hobby mainly to build primitive furniture and accents for my wife.  Soon enough, however, I fell in love with box design.  Boxes give a craftsman an opportunity to experiment with different wood types and combinations of wood as well as joinery techniques.  The design possibilities seem to be limitless.  


Even more than that, though, there is something about boxes that evoke a sense of mystery and adventure- who knows what may be inside waiting to amuse, surprise, enthrall, or excite the recipient?  


The majority of the wood and other material I use in my pieces is either locally salvaged/ reclaimed material or hand picked by me from local saw mills- not big box stores or online lumber suppliers.  One, this enables me to support local businesses and two, I can pick only the lumber that has the character in it to make each piece I create unique and eye-catching.


The beauty of wood testifies to the creativity, imagination, and majesty of its Creator and I hope that He is magnified as I try to bring out the inherent beauty in what He has created.


I hope you enjoy browsing through my humble offerings here.  Check back regularly for new pieces that I create.

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