These are the latest of my creations to emerge from the shop.  

Whether it be through the design itself, the use of different species of woods, or the "character" of a particular piece of wood, I endeavor to make each item a unique work of art.

Some items may be for sale.  If you see one that interests you, feel free to contact me about it.


This interesting box is made from poplar.  I really like the mirror image of the lids.  The hinges are made from leather with brass nails.  The inside bottom of the box is lined with the same leather used to make the hinges.  It is finished with a two coats of Danish oil.

Dimensions: 7 1/2" W x 11" L x 4" H


Poplar Box with Leather Hinges

This lift lid box is made from an incredible piece of curly ash.  The figure in this wood is something to see in person.  It has a leather lined thumb notch for easy opening.  The inside bottom of the box is lined with the same leather as the thumb notch.  This box is finished with several light coats of polyurethane.

Dimensions: 7" W x 7" L x 3" H


Curly Ash Keepsake Box
Barnwood Table Top Sconce

From beginning to end this unique piece is reclaimed.  It is made from wormy chestnut barn wood.   The candle holder is made from an old ceramic insulator and a rusty bed spring found in the woods by my house.  It is finished with a light coat of polyurethane.

Dimensions: 14" H x 7 1/2" W x 8" D


Live Edge Curly Cherry
Keepsake Box

This simple little box is made from some beautiful curly cherry.  I preserved the live edge for the top rim of the box just to add some character and make it something unique.  The inside bottom is lined with leather.  It is finished with several coats of Danish oil.

Dimensions: 8" W x 5" D x 2 3/4" H


Pallet Wood Men's Valet Box

I was recently given a large amount of old barbed wire and wanted to incorporate it into my woodworking.  This box is one of the results.  It is a very simple box, but it has a lot of character.  The box itself is made from a wonderfully weathered oak pallet.  It then has a strand of old barbed wire going around the entire box to lend it a unique look.  Whether your decor is country primitive, western, equestrian, or just unique eclectic, this box would look great on a dresser top holding your wallet, watch, change, and keys.

Dimensions: 9" W x 6 1/2" D x 3" H


If you want unique, you want this box!  I must say this is probably one of the most unique boxes I have made.  It isn't the wood or the design that bring its uniqueness, but the hinges.  I had a old pair of shoes that were one of my favorite pairs.  Alas, their time had come and gone and they were well beyond being wearable any longer.  I couldn't bring myself to simply throw them away, however, so they hung around my shop for several months before I figured out what to do with them.  I cut off the shoelace part of them and they became a set of very unique hinges that add a ton of character to this otherwise "everyday" box.  The bottom inside of the box is lined with suede. The lids close securely with rare earth magnets to hold it closed.

Dimensions:  7 1/2" W x 11" L x 4" H


Wormy Chestnut Keepsake Box
Live Edge Slab Hanging Lamp

This hanging lamp is dripping with character.  Whether it is the live edge wood it is mounted on, the bed spring and pipe fixture, or the warm glow of the Edison bulb, there is a lot to love about this light!  The wood is finished with a couple coats of clear lacquer.  It is turned on and off with a switch on the cord.


- Lamp: 21"L x 11"W x 8"D

- Cord: 6' L


Any kind of spalted wood promises you a unique item that is sure to be a conversation piece wherever you put it.  This centerpiece is made from a live edge piece of spalted maple.  Spalted maple is not a type of maple, it is something that happens to the maple.  A particular type of fungus gets into the tree and creates the amazing and intricate patterns you see.  Leave it to our imaginative Creator to use something as mundane as a fungus to create such beauty!  The sculpted handles are made from black walnut.  The tray is finished with several coats of polyurethane.

Dimensions: 5 1/2" W x 18" L x 2" H


Live Edge Spalted Maple
Centerpiece Tray
Railroad Spike Coat Rack

I call this the "Three Bears Coat Rack".  I never realized they made railroad spikes in different sizes until a friend gave me a box full of spikes of all kinds of sizes.  This coat rack has a Baby, Mama, and Papa spike.  The broken piece of barnwood with its tapered end lent itself well to the look of this little charmer.  The ends are reinforced with an old door hinge.

Dimensions: 24" L


Walnut and Curly Ash Desk Box

I designed this box for a friend to put on his desk at work.  The box and handle are made of black walnut.  The decorative sides and lid accent are ash: curly ash, spalted ash, and ash crotchwood.  In other words, lots of character pieces come together to make this box something to display.  The inside bottom of the bx is lined with leather.  It is finished with several coats of Danish oil.


Barnwood Hanging Lamp

Oak barnwood, a rusty bed spring, and the old world charm of an Edison bulb.  You will want to turn this lamp on just to enjoy it whether you need the light or not!  Toss in the vintage twisted cloth cord and dimmer switch and this will soon be one of your favorite lights!


- Lamp: 16" L

- Cord: 11' 6" L


Live Edge Curly Maple Cheeseboard

This piece of curly maple has such a tight curl it almost doesn't look real.  I wish you could see it in person so you could really appreciate its beauty!  People who have seen it have said they wouldn't be able to bring themselves to cut anything on it.  Whether you do or not, it will definitely be a piece that your friends and family will admire when you get it out.  It is finished with multiple coats of food-safe butcher block oil.

Dimensions: 7"W x 11"L x 3/4"T


This beautiful piece is made from spalted maple and black walnut.  When a particular type of fungus gets a hold of a tree it can cause the stunning patterns you see here in this box.  The pale, creamy maple contrasts beautifully with the spalting patterns and the black walnut.  This small box is finished with polyurethane.

Dimensions: 4"W x 4"D x 3 1/2"H


Spalted Maple and Walnut
Keepsake Box
Barnwood Keepsake Box

This humble little box boasts of a unique little embellishment.  The box itself is made from character-filled weathered barnwood.  The hinge, however, is unique among all my other leather hinged boxes. The leather used for the hinges on this box is from an old horse rein. No reason to let anything go to waste, not even worn out leather from a set of horse reins. 

Dimensions: 6"W x 4"D x 4"H


Barn Beam and Barbed Wire
Candle Holder

This unassuming piece is made from part of an oak barn beam and some recycled barbed wire.  The weathered patina f the barn beam is preserved on the top of the candle holder while the sides show off the beauty of the oak.  The barbed wire wrap adds just enough character to make this piece an eyecatcher without dominating the decor. 

Dimensions: 3"W x 4"D x 1 3/4"H


Barnwood and Insulator Lamp

One of my favorite things to do in the shop is put a bunch of stuff on my work table and look at it until i figure out what to do with it.  This is one of those pieces.  Barn wood and a piece of a barn beam, some pipe and an insulator.  Voila, a charming lamp for your foyer or entry hall.  This lamp will be certain to attract the attention of your guests whether you have it on or not.  


- Lamp: 30"L x 8"W x 8"D

- Cord: 6'L


Another gorgeous piece of curly maple.  It is hard to believe that not too far in the past this would have considered a defective piece of wood.  This beautiful cheeseboard is hand shaped and ready for service.  It is coated with multiple coats of food-safe butcher block oil.

Dimensions: 20"L x 8"W x 3/4"T


Curly Maple Cheeseboard

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